Birchwoods Books Consignment Program

Birchwoods Books is an Online Bookstore and Library Consignment Program. We would love to work with your Library and/or School to help raise money for your fundraiser, booksale or organization.



We provide Consignment Scanning Software at no cost to you

Our software is very easy and user friendly.


Donations, remainders and ex library books are scanned using the barcode scanner or typed in by ISBN number. 


Birchwoods Consignment Scanning Software will ACCEPT or REJECT the

books according to our customized sales plan that we will set up for your own sales goals.

You can scan your books prior to your Friends of the Library Booksale or as donations come in throughout the year. 


Birchwoods Books Consignment Program will offer the most out of your donations to help you reach your fundraising goals!


Once we pick up the books our team at will take over from there. We will do all the listing and grading of the books and will be listed on up to 12 online marketplaces. Our software allows us to sell on predetermined price strategies and we will customize with you to allow for the highest profit for your books. This allows us to change book prices hourly going up or down with current market prices and repricing according to your book consignment program plan. Once the book is sold, we do all the shipping daily.


Quarterly checks and sales reports are issued with your share of the profits.



If this sounds of an interest to you, we can provide a demo of the Birchwoods Books Consignment Program and Software. We work with over 40 libraries in the New England Area; New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont and growing. If you would like to hear more about our Library Consignment Program, contact us at

[email protected]

We are more than willing to provide references upon request. Please feel free to check with your local New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont or Massachusetts library list serve, as many of the libraries we work with will tell you about how Library Consignment Program has helped them.


Birchwoods Books Consignment Partners